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Christian Counseling

We offer biblical counseling to individuals, families, married couples, and women and children who have survived domestic violence.

Real life issues are addressed and discussed and people are equipped with the help they need in order to face various challenges and problems as they arise in their lives.  People are given biblical truths about God’s love, His word, and His ability and willingness to heal and restore broken hearts and broken lives, no matter how bad it is.  Hope that only God can give is communicated and shared with those who are hurting and are feeling hopeless.

*Biblically Based Domestic Violence Counseling: 1 in every 4 women have been the victim of domestic violence.  With the relationship we have gained with God through His word and our intense training with domestic violence survivors we counsel women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.  Children who have been exposed to violence are counseled with their mothers as well.  The serious affects that domestic violence has on children such as increases in low-self esteem, sleep problems, health problems, sexually acting out, increase risk of drug and alcohol abuse, fear, and even suicide etc (Jaffe, Wolfe & Wilson, Children of Battered Women, 1990) are both acknowledge, assessed, and addressed with biblical truths. These women are given safety plans to aid them in case of emergency, educated about what the patterns of abuse are, and ways to gain the hope and esteem they need to be healed and restored.  Domestic Violence Counseling is offered to both permanent residents and non-residents of the United States.

*Christian Marital/Pre-Marital Counseling: Here we address real life issues and problems that sometimes arise during a couple’s marriage.  Biblical principles are given to married couples to help them overcome some of the challenges that they face, and help them find the hope they need to experience a healthy, joyful, and lasting marriage the way God intended for them to.

*Christian Family Counseling: Counseling is provided for families that are suffering from a current or reoccurring problems within their family context.  People are able to express themselves in a comfortable and private setting with their family members and gain insight into the problems while exploring solutions from a biblical standpoint.  As a family they are able to receive the wisdom, the hope, and the healing that they need in order to be restored as individuals and as a family.



Crisis Line for Suicide:
National Suicide Hotline (24 hours)
Phone: 800.SUICIDE (or) 800.784.2433

Ravenswood Hospital (24 hours)

National Mental Health Association
Website: www.nmha.org
Phone: 800.969.NMHA

In Touch Hotline (UIC) 6-10:30 PM

Crisis Line of Will County (24 hours)

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Website: www.alcoholics-anonymous.org
Phone: 312.346.1475

South Suburban Family Shelter, INC. (SSFS) (24 hours)
Address: PO Box 937
Homewood, IL 60430
Phone: 708.798.77.37
Website: www.ssfs1.org

Immigration Resources:

Chicago Legal Clinic 773.731.1762
Latinos Progresando 312.850.0572
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago 312.341.9617
Interfaith Refuge and Ministries 773.989.5647
Midwest Immigrant & Human Rights Center 312.660.1370
World Relief of Chicago 773.583.3010
Lifespan Center for Legal Services 312.408.1210

Website: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/

Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities:
Website: http://www.hbwdillinois.com/

Chicago House:
Website: http://www.chicagohouse.org

Renaissance Social Services:
Website: http://www.rssionline.org/aboutus.htm


These resources and their facilities may or may not be able to help those seeking assistance and A Woman’s Worth Foundation, it’s owner, and, associates take no responsibilities in the service these agencies provide or lack to provide.  Users of the facilities assume all risk.  The various resources are not affiliated with A Woman’s Worth Foundation or its founder.

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