About the founder

Siohvaughn L. Funches Wade

A woman of value, a woman of worth…

President & Founder of A Woman’s Worth Foundation since 2006, Siohvaughn Wade is a business owner, author, President of Siohvaughn Wade Ministries, Christian Counselor, Scholarship Philanthropist, wife, mother, and now a Ph.D. 

Dr. Siohvaughn Wade was born September 6,1981. Very early on in her life she was taught Christian principles. Her mother Darlene Funches planted this seed of faith in God. Later on in her life she discovered that seed of faith had taken root, sprouted up, and flourished beautifully touching and transforming the lives of many people, including her own life, and the life of her children.

Siohvaughn was raised in a small rural suburb famished with poverty and crime just south of the windy city of Chicago.  Her father, Frank Funches worked as a landscaper, and her mother, Darlene Funches as a computer graphic designer for the Environmental Protection Agency. Siohvaughn was the younger of only two siblings and grew up very close to her only sister Garrica LeAnna Woods.  At the tender age of 3 Siohvaughn’s parents separated without divorcing and her sister and her both experienced certain degrees of pain and confusion during this time in their lives, but God kept them on the right track.

Siohvaughn was raised in a home were academic success was a top priority and rewarded often.  Siohvaughn was on the honor roll, and the participant of several extracurricular academic achievement clubs where she not only was a participant, but a winner of many academic awards.  This continued on throughout her entire education.  In high school Siohvaughn was enrolled in Honors Courses and AP (Advancement Placement) Courses.  During her last year in high school was awarded as the only minority at this time to earn High Honors with Distinction, the highest Academic Achievement Award.   She earned numerous scholarships and went on to college to again succeed academically above and beyond expectation.   Eventually Siohvaughn earned two bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Christian Counseling.  She earned a Master’s degree in Intersession, and more recently a PhD in Theology.  She is also accredited with having earned Certification for Domestic Violence Training for the state of Illinois, and Abuser Intervention.

It was during high school that Siohvaughn began dating her child hood friend Dwyane T Wade Jr., who would later become her husband and the father of her two children, Zaire and Zion Wade.  This took place right after one of the most tragic and devastating events in both Siohvaughn and her parents life.  Siohvaughn’s only sister Garrica LeAnna Woods was killed in a car accident, while away in Texas at medical school.

 Later in 2001 Dwyane proposed to Siohvaughn on Christmas Eve. Later the couple had their first child Zaire Wade and got married in 2002. Siohvaughn had her second child Zion Wade in 2007.

Siohvaughn Wade is currently writing her first book, and heading A Woman’s Worth Foundation and Siohvaughn Wade Ministries where she is both President and Founder.  Through these Christian organizations Siohvaughn Wade has been used by God to help many men, women, and children who have victims of domestic violence, and is committed to seeing them receive the hope, the healing, and the restoration that they need, which she knows only comes from God.

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